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    Most Profitable Blog Niche Ideas (Over 200!)

    Over 200 of the most profitable blog niche ideas that can make real money. Take the quiz to find the best profitable blog niches for you!

    Notebook for logging profitable blog niches.

    If you’re just starting a blog and don’t know what to blog about, you gotta start with a niche! And you don’t want just any blog niche ideas… you want ones that make money. These are over 150 of the most profitable blog niches you can explore to build your blog into a full-time gig.

    Many guides on how to start blogging will encourage you to follow your passion and get your site running as quickly as possible – but they forget to tell you that putting thought into the right niche can make a huge difference in your overall income. Gone are the days where you could gain a massive following just using a blog as your own personal diary.

    After running several profitable blogs, I can tell you one thing for certain: Your niche can make or break your earning potential, whether you monetize with ads, affiliate revenue, or pitching to brands.

    The saying “the riches are in the niches” is true. People trust others with specialized knowledge. And if you choose from the best blogging niches, you’ll be a step ahead of the competition.

    Woman writing blog niche ideas in a notebook.

    How To Choose The Most Profitable Blog Niche Ideas

    Before looking at blog niche ideas, you need a strategy in place that balances your own interests with market potential. Here is a strategy that can work no matter what topic interests you:

    1. Identify low domain authority (DA) sites.

    Once you choose from the blog ideas that make money below, search for broad keywords related to these niches to find related websites.

    List out sites by areas of interest and run them through a domain authority checker (such as the free ones from Ahrefs or Moz). Record sites with a DA of 30 or less, because it will mean less competition for your blog.

    2. Analyze traffic for blog niche ideas

    Find sites with the special combination of low DA and high traffic. These two factors together can help you enter your blog niche of choice and gain traffic (and profit) faster.

    You can use a free tool like Ubersuggest’s website traffic checker for this, or other paid SEO tools.

    When analyzing traffic, look for the number of organic keywords the site ranks for. If sites in a niche rank for many organic keywords despite their low DA, that’s a good sign you found a profitable blog niche.

    Laptop logging most profitable blog niches.

    3. Make killer content

    Take time to understand how these low-DA sites strategize their content creation. Again, you can do this with SEO tools, but you can also do some detailed web searching and reading on the top traffic websites from step 2.

    Look at the topics they cover, their depth, and their engagement. Where does their content succeed? Where is it lacking?

    Use this analysis as the jumping off point to plan content that exceeds the standard they set. Look to provide more value, cover more topics, or present unique angles. Start with low competition keywords at the very beginning to gain a foothold before leveling up to higher-competition ones.

    4. Level up as you gain authority

    As you create better content than fellow low-DA competitors, you’ll be able to raise your DA score faster.

    Keep track of that score regularly. As it rises, you can target progressively more competitive keywords – you’ll be more likely to rank for these as your blog gains traction!

    5. Optional: Hop on a fast-growing trend

    Remember when it seemed like everyone was trying a paleo diet? If you were a paleo blogger right when the trend started taking off, you didn’t need a high domain ranking to get great traffic or rack up a fast following on Pinterest.

    Riding on the coattails of a trend works in the short term, but approach this strategy with caution. You’ll need the tenacity to stick with your niche for years to come – and be willing to expand or pivot it to a more competitive niche if it starts showing a downward trend.

    150+ Blog Niche Ideas

    Find some of the best niches for blogging with low competition in this list, organized into 11 categories with additional sub-niches:

    1. Health and wellness
    2. Personal finance
    3. Lifestyle
    4. Technology
    5. Education
    6. Parenting and family
    7. Entertainment
    8. Fashion and beauty
    9. Food and cooking
    10. Travel and adventure
    11. Sustainable living
    12. Online Income
    Health and wellness blog niche ideas.

    1. Health and wellness

    Health never goes out of style! You’ll find plenty of untapped blog niches in this space for anyone looking to improve quality of life.

    Health and wellness niches are also ripe for affiliate and coaching opportunities, so you have multiple ways to monetize.

    There’s one catch. Be careful about your expertise level in these topics, since Google has cracked down on who actually knows what they’re talking about on “your money, your life” (YMYL) topics. You’ll have a hard time ranking if you don’t have some outside authority on your subject matter.

    That said, if you’re an expert in your field (such as a medical practitioner, fitness trainer, or licensed health professional), you’ll benefit the most from these blog niche ideas:

    • Mental Health: Mindfulness, meditation, stress management
    • Nutrition: Superfoods, diet plans (keto, vegan)
    • Fitness: Home workouts, yoga for beginners
    • Holistic Healing: Aromatherapy, herbal remedies
    • Sports: Running, mainstream sports, extreme sports
    Hands holding a wallet with bills and coins.

    2. Personal finance

    If you want to know what type of blogs make the most money, finance blogs are some of the best. Since nearly everyone can relate to this topic, it can be a big inspiration for untapped blog niches – but also highly competitive.

    Similar to the health and wellness niche, it helps to have authority over this topic before you begin blogging. However, it can be an ultra-lucrative niche, especially for affiliate income.

    • Investing: Cryptocurrency, NFTs, real estate, commodities, stock trading, gold/silver, FIRE movement
    • Saving: Budgeting hacks, frugal living
    • Debt Management: Credit repair, loan advice, debt payoff, credit cards
    • Income Streams: Passive income, side hustles

    3. Lifestyle blog niche ideas

    The best thing about lifestyle blogs? They’re some of the most profitable blog niches, and it’s easy to establish authority in the space. Most topics are also evergreen, so you can create content for them year-round.

    If you’re creative, you can find plenty of monetization opportunities here, including affiliate marketing, creating your own products (digital or physical), creating memberships, or finding brands to work with.

    Here are some easy blog ideas that make money in this niche. There’s a lot of overlap with the other topics you’ll see here, since many blogs can overlap with lifestyle niches.

    • Productivity: Time management, daily routines
    • Food and Drink: Wine tasting, home brewing, specialty coffee, baking guides, juicing
    • Home Decor: Minimalist interiors, DIY projects
    • Relationships: Dating advice, wedding planning, marriage guidance, facing divorce
    • Outdoors: Camping gear, survival tips, homesteading, gardening
    Profitable blog niches in science and technology.

    4. Science, technology, and gadgets

    These are continually growing fields, which makes them perfect for discovering untapped blog niches! Whether you love new tech or the latest innovations, you can find a topic that fits your interests.

    The drawback of very new niches? You might not understand their monetization potential – so do thorough research and weigh your options before you commit.

    As far as other niches in this field, the most common income stream comes from affiliate commissions for high-ticket tech products. However, consider diversifying into other streams such as brand partnerships or creating courses.

    • Latest Tech: AI innovations, robotics, biotech, science trends
    • Gaming: eSports, game reviews
    • Software Tutorials: Coding for beginners, Photoshop tips
    • Gadget Reviews: Best fitness trackers, smart home devices, virtual reality headsets, smartphone reviews
    • Brand specific focus: Apple products, Tesla
    Notebook with pens.

    5. Education and learning

    Online education topics can be some of the most profitable blog niches as long as you have experience in your chosen topic.

    Some of the most qualified education bloggers have degrees, but it’s not a hard requirement. You do need time in the field first to establish your expertise, though.

    As one of the fastest-growing niches, your blog can monetize through educational products you create, live online teaching, or affiliate income.

    • Online Courses: E-learning platforms, course reviews
    • Language Learning: Apps for learning new languages, immersion techniques
    • Skill Development: Public speaking, digital marketing skills, photography, coding
    • Career prep: Resume prep, interview tips, recovering from job loss, entrepreneurship
    • Academic Help: Online tutoring, study tips, niche exam prep (SAT, MCAT, LSAT, etc.), enrollment help for specific programs or schools

    6. Parenting and family

    If you’re a parent, you can easily establish authority in many of these blog niche ideas. Since it’s an experience that new people enter into all the time, it also has plenty of evergreen content potential.

    Blogs in these niches monetize with ad revenue, affiliate marketing, information products, and working with brands. In fact, it’s easy to become a micro-influencer in these niches because there are always products available to make parenting and family life easier.

    • Pregnancy: Natural birth, maternity fashion, losing weight after baby
    • New parents: Baby essentials, sleep training, first year developments, childproofing
    • Education: Homeschooling resources, children’s books
    • Activities: Family travel, crafts with kids, local activity guides, moving abroad with kids
    • Challenges: Parenting teens, single parenting, work-from-home parents, potty training
    • Family dynamics: Adoption, foster parenting, mixed families, special needs parenting
    Old television.

    7. Entertainment and pop culture blog niche ideas

    You can turn an entertainment blog into a profitable blog niche if you cover popular entertainment interests or pop culture trends. You don’t need much authority to start, either!

    Depending on the topic, these blogs monetize best with ads, affiliate programs, info products, courses, merch, and even brand partnerships.

    • Movies and TV shows: Reviews, what’s new on streaming, behind-the-scenes, episode analysis
    • Music: Reviews, new artists, music history
    • Books: Book club picks, author interviews, literary analysis
    • Celebrities: Gossip, lifestyle
    • Fandoms: Disney, comics, cosplay, fan art, fan fiction
    • Entertainment skills: acting tips, stand-up comedy skills, learning instruments, music production
    • Pop culture: Nostalgia, cultural trends
    Fashion and beauty accessories for profitable blog niches.

    8. Fashion and beauty

    Influencers in the fashion and beauty niche have proven that you can tap into sky-high monetization options without needing a lot of former authority in the niche.

    These profitable blog niches can make money with product lines, affiliate marketing, courses, and brand partnerships.

    Since fashion and beauty thrive on visual elements, bloggers in this niche can easily expand into video as another monetization channel.

    • Fashion trends: Seasonal wardrobes, sustainable fashion, fashion for specific groups (women over 50, plus size), affordable fashion, industry news
    • Makeup and skincare: Product reviews, routine tips, managing specific skin conditions (acne, mature skin), tutorials
    • DIY beauty: Homemade remedies, natural hair care
    • Men’s fashion: Grooming tips, style guides, sneakers

    9. Food and cooking blog niche ideas

    Having run several successful food blogs, I can tell you – this profitable blog niche takes much more than making any recipe you want and posting it online.

    Because of its high potential for income generation, these niches are highly competitive as well. Food and cooking bloggers can monetize through many avenues, including ads, product lines, brand deals, cookbooks (physical or digital), meal plans, recipe apps, and cooking courses.

    • Recipes: Quick and easy meals, coffee, baking, meal prep, barbecue, baby foods, small batch cooking, tutorials
    • Cooking techniques: Sous vide, fermentation, canning, home brewing
    • Dietary needs: gluten-free, keto, vegetarian, high protein
    • Entertaining: Wine tasting, gatherings
    • International cuisine: Regional cuisines (Mediterranean, Vietnamese, Mexican, etc.), street foods
    Woman on a beach with a laptop exploring travel blog niche ideas.

    10. Travel and adventure

    Here’s another profitable blog niche with high competition – because who wouldn’t want to travel and write about it?

    Travel blogs monetize through affiliate income, ads, brand partnerships, courses, travel guides, group tours, and even visual media services like video and photography.

    Keep in mind, travel blogs are subject to outside factors like seasonality or domestic and international relations (what if you write about a country going through a political revolution?). Be aware of the risks and how you can mitigate them.

    • Budget travel: Affordable destinations, money-saving tips, hotel reviews
    • Luxury travel: High-end resorts, exclusive experiences, cruises
    • Adventure travel: Hiking trails, scuba diving spots, van life, solo travel, glamping, RVing, overlanding
    • Cultural travel: Heritage sites, local customs, living abroad, location guides
    • Working travel: Business travel, digital nomads
    • Family travel: Destinations, theme parks, road trip attractions, age-specific activities
    Plastic free items.

    11. Sustainable living

    This type of lifestyle is growing in popularity and deserves its own category as one of the most profitable blog niches. A growing number of people are interested in reducing their carbon footprint in large and small ways.

    These niches also don’t need much authority to start, and can monetize through methods like ads, eco-friendly product lines, brand deals, and digital products.

    • Eco-friendly practices: zero waste lifestyle, upcycling, clean beauty
    • Green technology: Solar panels, eco-gadgets
    • Conservation: Wildlife protection, water conservation
    • Plant-based living: Recipes, dining guides

    12. Making money online

    This profitable blog niche includes sub-niches like blogging, ecommerce, digital marketing, and online business. There is no shortage of ways to make money online, and making money is an evergreen topic that will always attract an interest.

    In addition to affiliates and ads, bloggers in this niche can make money with consulting, courses, and digital products.

    Many of these sub-niches benefit from some authority, which makes them harder to crack. You need to prove that you have actually made money online in a specific niche before you show others how to do it.

    That said, you don’t need a large audience to make a profit, since people will pay a premium to benefit from your know-how.

    • Ecommerce: Dropshipping, Etsy marketing, PPC advertising, print on demand
    • Digital marketing: Email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, podcasting, digital design, copywriting
    • Working online: Side hustles, remote jobs, freelancing, online job training, passive income
    • Blogging: How to start a blog, monetization tips, SEO
    Laptop writing the most profitable blog niche ideas.

    What Nobody Tells You About Choosing Blog Niche Ideas

    Even with a strategy and niche in mind, remember: Choosing among the most profitable blog niche ideas means nothing if you don’t care about the topic and haven’t had some firsthand experience with it.

    For example, I’m not about to start a blog in a healthcare or finance niche, because I have no expertise in those topics and the content wouldn’t be genuine.

    The best ranking sites are not only helpful, but showcase content from people experienced with the niche (or have helped others gain the experience).

    Even if you’re outsourcing content production for your blog, you need to be able to vet it for legitimacy, and you need some authority over your topic to do that.

    So seriously – don’t just chase the profit, because people will find out if you’re a phony.

    Profitable Blog Niches Need Experience

    When it comes to choosing the most profitable blog niche ideas, remember that passion matters – but also market potential. Choose a niche that can reasonably generate traffic and monetize using some of the strategies listed above.

    Above all else, establishing your authority in the most profitable blog niches will also help you sustain growth and rank in search engines.

    Google favors content under E-E-A-T standards (experience, expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness) – especially if you write in a YMYL niche like healthcare or finance. Show that you use the products you promote, tried your own advice in real life, or have credentials in your niche.

    This way, you can ensure that your passion project can also become a sustainable business.

    After writing blogs for many years, I’m convinced there’s a money-making niche out there for everyone. Go and find yours!

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      Mom of 5 and blog marketing expert with over 20 years of experience monetizing household-name blogs. Let's get your mom blog running like a real business.

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