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You got the hang of growing followers, pumping out content, and offering real value to readers. Your hard work is showing.

And the most exciting thing? Brands are starting to notice… and reach out to you.

But before you pop the champagne, you have to answer that email you marked unread in your inbox:

“How much do you charge?”

Record Scraaatch.

That blog thing you started? It finally gained traction.

Wait... How much do you charge?

It’s a tricky balance.

You don’t want to charge so high that you scare the brand away.

But, mama also needs a new minivan and you don’t want to make deals worth peanuts.

You wish someone could just hand you a number. There are plenty of people that will, but there’s another problem:

All those free calculators?

They're not cutting it.

First of all, they only work for Instagram influencers.

Instagram can play a role in making your sponsored post prices if you use the platform, but you’re a blogger too! And what about everything else you offer?

Plus, these calculators seriously skip the details. You paste your follower count in, and a number spits out.

I gotta tell you, blog mama – there’s more to it than that.

All those blogging support group members?

They're unresponsive.

Anyone else ask their blogging friends on Facebook how much to charge? (And then you get a whopping 2 replies to your post?)

Wait... you can bid high or low?

YUUUP, and I'll prove it with a pop quiz:

Would you charge the same price to a small, organic mom and pop brand versus a huge corporate brand?

It’s a big juicy NO! Price the little one lower and the big one higher.)

(Psst, you can copy my answer:)

That's probably for the best.

Most of those peeps don’t have enough experience working with brands to give you a realistic price anyway.

And even if they do feel confident enough to guess your best price, it’s just one number – with no regard for if you should bid high or low depending on the deal.

Imagine if...

You tell your blogging group you nailed a brand deal and got more than you expected 

Your husband’s jaw drops when your brand blogging income pays for groceries (I LOVE that look)

You feel totally legit as a blogger (and confident enough to turn this into a business) because brands paid for what YOU had to say

You can come up with REAL and FAIR prices for your blog and socials that you can confidently deliver to brands

But if you want to stop, you need a pricing model tailored to your situation. asap.

You don't have to keep scrambling for imaginary numbers...

Get The Sponsored Post Power Sheet

What's inside the Sponsored Post Power Sheet?

A plug-and-play calculator that delivers custom pricing for your blog, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and email list

Individual pricing for deliverables so you can offer a la carte options if a brand just wants one post from one platform

Price ranges for every deliverable: Lower, higher, and a custom mid-range rate tailored to your stats

Price calculations based on blogging industry standards and years of experience from an influencer manager

Forever access so you can calculate again and again as your blog grows

Line-by-line instructions for filling in your stats

Mobile friendly format to use on the go (or on desktop, too)

Instant calculations so you can save hours googling for answers

Need another reason to use the Power Sheet?

Take it from someone who’s worked with brands to the tune of

Half a million.

Hey, that's me!

I’m Amanda, the face behind Mom Can Sell, unrepentant mochi donut lover, creator of this calculator, Catholic, MBA, and mom of four.

I've worked with brands from alllll the angles...

As a small blogger finding my own brand deals, as a brand contracting with influencers to produce blog content, and as a blogger influencer manager securing over $500,000 in brand deals.

I'm also a believer in price transparency -- and that everyone should get a chance to work with brands because it can create life-changing income.

I used my experience and market knowledge to create this easy-to-use resource so that bloggers big and small can take advantage of the growing multibillion dollar influencer industry. You deserve a piece of that pie!

I’ve been in your shoes and know what you’re thinking…

"I have learned so much on my own with my blog. I can figure this out, too.”

Yes, and I believe you can! But honestly, you have so much else to do to make your blog grow.

Would you rather spend hours (days??) searching for answers you’re going to second-guess anyway, or just get a little help from someone who’s done it firsthand?

"I’m not big enough to use this. Brand deals are only for big bloggers.”

*Winces* My friend, I disagree. Scroll through your support groups again – you’ll find bloggers that are still newer to the game and making deals.

Plus, you want to grow this thing, right? Even if this calculator doesn’t help now, you’re going to need it sooner than you think. And you can use it forever. It works with followings all the way down to zero.

"I’m not a numbers person, I don’t know where to get my stats for this.”

Hear ye, spreadsheet averse: I got you covered with highly detailed instructions for where to find everything you need. Just plug and play.

(And for real? It's worth thousands more if you pursue regular branded partnerships.)

When it comes to blog income generating resources, I’m just getting started…

And since my business is still new, I’m offering this Power Sheet at a pretty sweet discount.

Knowing how to price your content can open the door to four-, five-, even six-figure incomes for bloggers. This calculator provides an essential first step on that journey.

For the lifetime value of this sheet and the years of knowledge that went into it, this calculator retails for $159.

But again, I believe in transparency. I want as many people to try this as possible, so I’m slashing the price to $39 for a limited time. (Over 75% off!)

If you’re not setting realistic rates, you could let hundreds or even thousands of dollars slip through your fingers, just because you named the wrong price. I don’t want you to miss out on that cash!

My Pays-For-Itself Guarantee

Call it mom swagger, but I’m confident this calculator will pay for itself within one monetized brand deal.

If it doesn’t? I’ll buy it back from you.

Best case? You build an entire income stream for your blog because you finally know how to charge what you’re worth (even as your blog grows).

Worst case? You keep getting paid in peanuts because brands take advantage of your rock bottom pricing (because you just didn’t know any better).

Why not shoot for the best case?

Get The Sponsored Post Power Sheet

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