The Blog Branding Workbook

The DIY approach to take your brand from womp womp to WOW.

Yes, I need a brand makeover!


You can recognize the biggest brands in the world… but what happens if you put yours in a lineup with your competitors?

(I’m seeing lots of head scratches and shoulder shrugs…)

You thought you did the legwork to build a solid brand.

And by legwork, I mean scrolling through Pinterest for color pairings and cute fonts that would look good on your socials.

But it’s missing the zest… the fire… the flamin’ hot seasoning to your Cheeto.

Your brand isn’t yours – it’s just a business that anyone could own (or worse, completely rip off).

If you've reached the point where:

Ideal clients don’t know you from a hole in the wall

You can keep imposter syndrome in check, but your website and writing still give off I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing vibes

The right audience can’t find you… or worse, you don’t know who you want to find

You love using all the trendy Canva templates and Pinterest branding tips you can find, but they look as cohesive as a patchwork quilt you sewed with your eyes closed

You have colors and fonts at the ready, but no rich origin story, written voice guidelines, mission, or consistent visual identity

It's time for a brand rehab.

And in case you didn’t know about rehab: It takes work. Consistency. A commitment to do better for yourself and your business.

It’s scary to make that commitment. But there’s good news.

The biggest brands in the world? Their secret recipe for creating irresistible brands is the same as the one you and I can use as bloggers.

There’s a real process – and doing it right built the most recognizable and enduring brands you see today (you know, the ones you can pick out of a lineup).

It’s not that complicated… and I’m pulling back the curtain on how easy it can really be.

The Blog Branding Workbook walks you through the branding process step by step, so you can transform your passion from any-other-business into a known entity.

Getting your brand right (and truly nailing it) comes with benefits:

More legitimacy in a space saturated with wannabes and phony experts

More profit

A razor-sharp perspective on who you are and how you can help people

… but “brand” is such a mushy word. What does it even mean? And how do you conjure one up from nothing?

Use this no-BS, fill-in-the-blank guide to take your blog branding from absolute zero to total clarity.

The workbook walks with you through the entire process so you can create a brand you’ll adore. Featuring:

Over 40 pages of proven steps to establish your brand story, purpose, and aesthetic

Easy (and dare I say fun?) fill-in-the-blank questions and activities to discover your true brand point of view

Simple terminology (no highbrow business jargon here)

Doable in 1-2 hours

Easy to print and fill in, or use a PDF reader to annotate digitally

And because your brand needs a ✨hot✨ look, use these bonuses to shop around for a new style:


55 Easy Brand Color Combos

Including base colors, accent colors, and neutral colors that pair seamlessly. Just pick a color group and go, or tweak to find shades you like.
Value: $47


101 Easy Font Pairings

Use these classic fonts (most of which are Canva and Google font friendly!) to form your typography standards. No wrong combo here.
Value: $67


Sample Style Guide

Once you set your brand standards… how do you keep track of them? Use this editable Canva template to create – and enforce – your brand rules on logos, social media styling, photography, and more.
Value: $87

You need a brand that nails YOU instead of nailing you down – when was the last time you fell in love with yours?

And in case you’re wondering who I am…

Hi! I’m Amanda Suazo.

And ever since I started my marketing career over a decade ago, I’ve been a stickler for quality branding.

After establishing and enforcing brand standards and style guides for large and small businesses across industries like healthcare, personal blogs, health and wellness, and nonprofits, one thing remains true across the board…

Branding takes thought and planning. It’s one of those things that you rarely notice when done right… and really notice when done wrong.

I teach the simple frameworks you need to know to craft a stunning and powerful brand from scratch – whether you already have a blog up and running or haven’t even started yet.

Because bloggers shouldn’t have to stitch their brand together blind…

They shouldn’t have to choose between spending thousands on done-for-you branding services or other urgent needs in their businesses…

And they DEFINITELY shouldn’t miss out on traffic and new clients because make a compelling brand wasn’t at the top of their to-do list.

Let’s change that TODAY.

just $17.

I want every blogger to have the chance to build a brand that shows who they truly are, so they can help more people – so you won’t pay thousands for this quick DIY solution.

… in fact, you’ll pay less than other comparable branding kits online and get way more of the value. (Because I know you’re out hustling to get your blog off the ground and every literal penny counts.)

Although valued at over $300, you can get this entire workbook (with bonuses) for 95% off – a price of 

Skip the boutique pricing and craft your brand from where it really counts – your brain and creative spark. (You know, that thing that got your blog started in the first place.)

Bring your brand to life with an all-in-one system that puts you in front of the competition:

The Blog Branding Workbook

40+ page Blog Branding Workbook (Value $107)

BONUS: 55 Easy Brand Color Combos (Value $47)

BONUS: 101 Easy Font Pairings (Value $67)

BONUS: Sample Style Guide (Value $87)

Total Value: $307

Today's Price: $17

Let’s go! I’m ready to craft the perfect brand.

One-time payment of $17

My Love It Or Leave It Promise:

When you’re scrappy and just getting started with your blog, every investment counts – and I want this one to be right for you.

That’s why you’ll get 7 days to give the Blog Branding Workbook a try. If you reach out within a week and decided the material and bonuses weren’t the key to unlocking your brand’s potential, I’ll send back your hard-earned dollars… no buyer’s remorse needed.

I don’t want you to miss out on all the pieces of the brand building puzzle, or the chance to cheer you on in the process. What do you have to lose? 

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